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Agriculture and Fishing Industries - Repair Composites and Coatings

The Belzona range of epoxy coatings and repair composite materials provide simple and safe maintenance solutions for the agriculture and fishing industries. 

Belzona manufactures a wide range of repair composite materials for application in food production industries such as agriculture and fishing. Most Belzona products meet USDA requirements for incidental food contact. Additionally, many Belzona epoxy coatings are approved by WRAS in the UK and NSF/ANSI 61 in the US, among other internationally recognised bodies, for contact with potable water.

The innovative technology used in Belzona systems makes application easy and safe. Belzona epoxy metal repair composites and polyurethane rubber repair systems and coatings are solvent-free and can be applied even in confined spaces, minimising health and safety risks.

Maintenance procedures can be simplified using Belzona materials which minimise downtime, labour and equipment replacement costs, whilst simultaneously increasing efficiency and environmental compliance.

Mechanical drive equipment and transmission elements

Belzona metal repair and rebuilding compounds can be used to quickly repair damaged equipment in the field. Damage caused by wear, erosion, corrosion or failure is easily repaired using Belzona's cold-curing metal repair materials such as Belzona 1111 (Super Metal) and equipment can be protected against future damage with Belzona epoxy coating materials. The use of Belzona will halt corrosion and slow down damage caused by erosion, extending equipment life whilst avoiding hot work and lengthy downtime. Typical applications include shaft rebuilding, keyway repair, repair of spline couplings and reforming of bearing housings. In addition, for oily or wet metal surfaces, Belzona 1212 can be used as a surface tolerant repair material and as a component in a leak sealing system.

Other drive elements, as found on harvesters and net-friendly equipment, include rubber coated drive rollers and tyre sidewalls and can be repaired using rubber repair composites. One such material is Belzona 2211 (MP Hi-Build Elastomer), which does not require vulcanization and is also cold-curing.

Erosion-corrosion in fluid flow systems

Fluid handling equipment such as pumpsvalves and heat exchangers, are prevalent across the food industry, especially in fish farming. Erosion and corrosion of this critical equipment will not only reduce efficiency but can also contaminate production water. Belzona has a special range of metal repair composites such as Belzona 1311 (Ceramic-R Metal) which are designed to rebuild corroded parts and provide long-term erosion resistance.

Following repair, equipment can be protected using a specialized epoxy coating system such as Belzona 1341 (Supermetalglide). This hydrophobic coating repels water and can provide up to 7% increase in pump efficiency on new equipment.

Leaks due to corrosion damage are also easily repaired using Belzona systems. Live leaks are quickly stemmed using fast-curing epoxy materials such as Belzona 1212. Permanent repairs can then be achieved using Belzona composite wrap systems incorporating metal repair materials such as Belzona 1111 (Super Metal).

Tanks and chemical containment areas

Large areas such as fuel and chemical bunds and tanks can be effectively lined to ensure long-term corrosion protection. Belzona's comprehensive range of 2-part epoxy coatings, such as Belzona 4311 (Magma CR1), provide chemical resistance against a wide range of aggressive chemicals. Static equipment such as silos, storage tanks and water tanks are susceptible to corrosion and eventual leakage. Leaks can be sealed using epoxy materials such as Belzona 1212, eliminating the need for hot work and therefore reducing health and safety concerns. Or, for emergency leak repairs, Belzona 1212 can be used due to its surface-tolerant capabilities. Silo bases can be sealed with a Belzona flexible membrane, such as Belzona 3111 (Flexible Membrane), a liquid-applied material that will allow trapped moisture to escape whilst preventing water ingress at the tank base for durable protection.

Conveyor belts, rubber rollers and elevators

Conveyor belts can be easily repaired using a cold-curing rubber repair material such as Belzona 2111 (D&A Hi-Build Elastomer), without the need for vulcanization. Belzona elastomer solutions can be used to restore worn or ripped areas to their original profile providing outstanding protection against future wear, impact and abrasion.

These versatile and multipurpose elastomers can also be used for simple, cost-effective and long-lasting rubber repairs for equipment such as rubber rollers, flights, cleats and clip joints on conveyor belts and other rubber components. Offering high strength, as well as excellent abrasion and impact resistance, these flexible materials are easy to mix and apply without the need for specialist tools. In addition, being cold-applied, they will cure at room temperature, eliminating the need for hot work.

Our repair composites and coatings are suitable for many other areas including:

  • Liquid-applied, flexible roof membrane for weatherproofing buildings, structures and insulation
  • Hygienic internal wall coatings for food production areas
  • Concrete and stonework repair and coating systems
  • Environmental barrier coatings to protect against and reduce environmental impact
  • Safety surfacing polymers for the prevention of slips and to provide positive grip
  • Epoxy coatings for the protection of pressure vessels
  • Rebuilding of fenders and hoses
  • Steel protective coatings and anodic protection
  • Repairs to decks and hulls
  • Flange reforming

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